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Our SMEs at Omnex have been working on creating content that helps our customers on the changes going on in our industry. The shift from gasoline and diesel vehicles to Electric and Autonomous vehicles has brought about unprecedented change. We hope the webinars and whitepapers below will help you in your transition into these new areas.

was the guidance offered in Part 11 to Semiconductor organizations. Many semiconductor organizations have not had a chance to read or to understand this document. This webinar will highlight the significance of this guidance document.

There were many key changes, the standard has added a Part 12 on Motorcycles, a Part 11 on Guidance on Semiconductor Development, and has integrated specific requirements for Trucks, Buses, and Trailers / Semi-Trailers throughout. Additionally, there are several key changes organizations need to recognize, such as a scope change in ISO 26262, where it now include “all road vehicles.” The standard also references Cybersecurity in Part 2: Management of Functional Safety, and includes an Annex E, an (informative) Guidance on potential interaction of functional safety with cybersecurity. As in the first edition, the standard does not address the nominal performance of E/E-Systems and, specifically, the safety of autonomous vehicles that are not caused by malfunctions. However, this will be addressed by ISO/PAS 21448 or SOTIF (Safety of the Intended Functionality). SOTIF and ISO 26262 will impact all parts of the Automotive Supply Chain. The integration of SOTIF with ISO 26262 will be the key challenge of hardware suppliers engaged in “perception systems” for automobiles.

This webinar will highlight the changes to the ISO 26262, but the main focus will be on how Semiconductor organizations can tackle ISO 26262. The new standard provides guidance on SEEOC and also provides suggestions on how hardware can be structured between the System on a Chip or SOC.

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EV/AV Whitepapers

Implementation roadmap - Expectations for supply chain - electric and autonomous vehicles

The purpose of this paper is to provide a clear and concise roadmap for all automotive suppliers so that they may integrate standards, implement systems and processes which are now expected by the industry (OEMs) and their (Tier 1) customers.

An introduction to Automotive SPICE for beginners

This paper describes Automotive SPICE (ASPICE), a process capability model which is used in the automotive industry and its benefits of implementation.

Automotive cybersecurity and controls

This paper talks about automotive cybersecurity which is fundamentally different from other the types of security such as enterprise information technology (EIT), the smart grid, process control, and the internet of things (IoT).

Considerations of functional safety, Automotive SPICE, and cybersecurity in automotive new product development

Read Omnex CTO’s most recent white paper on how electric and autonomous vehicles are birthing new technologies and expanding supply chains resulting in increased design and production complexity.

Introducing the new AIAG-VDA FMEA - Understanding the changes

This Whitepaper explains the changes, first from a VDA approach and then the AIAG approach. This article also explains in brief about DFMEA.

EV/AV Webinar Recordings

Automotive cybersecurity - Integration with functional safety and ASPICE

This webinar discusses key issues particularly with process flow, HARA, integration and integrating service security function and safety, modeling aspects and Analysis aspects including safety.

Safety products, and electric & autonomous (EV & AV) vehicle standards

Product development in autonomous vehicles will need to incorporate IATF 16949 and risk prevention techniques that have long used

Electric and autonomous vehicle market for high tech industries and automotive standards

The largest car manufacturers are shifting their products from diesel and internal combustion engine vehicles to electric and autonomous vehicles.

IATF 16949 grand finale and AIAG-VDA FMEA update

Missed our webinar on our third and final update on IATF 16949? No worries! You can now listen to the complete webinar here.

Effectively implementing IATF 16949, ISO 26262, and Automotive SPICE in hi-tech industries

The electronics and software content continues to increase each time with new car introduced to the market

The New ISO 26262 2nd edition - changes and highlights

This webinar will discuss the impacts andthe changes on existing and new implementations of the standard.

Conducting functional safety audits and assessments for ISO 26262

Functional safety ISO 26262 requires functional safety assessors to conduct assessments, audits, and confirmation reviews.

Latest updates to IATF 16949 and customer CSRs

Join Omnex for a “hot off the presses” webinar covering the latest updates to IATF 16949 and related CSRs.

IATF 16949 requirements for embedded software - Automotive SPICE

As the electronics and software content in each new car introduced to the market continues to exponentially grow…

The disruption in the automotive market - EV/AV vehicles - What it means to you

The internal combustion engine (ICE) is being replaced by Electric Vehicles (EV), including hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), leading to a disruption of the automotive industry as we know it...

Cyber-insecurity? How to secure your systems against a hack attack — ISO/IEC 27001

Because of the criticality of information security, certification to (ISO/IEC 27001) has become one of the most important and sought after certifications in the world.

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